Awareness and being a street photographer

This blog post was written about 10 months ago. But beacause of all the effort and time I have put into learning street photography I haven´t had the time to start the blog for real. Now is the time and I will post reflections on everything connected to street photography. 

” I have been working with photography full time since 2004 when I was assigned a project documenting every building in suburbian Stockholm. This made my own photography in away slowly die in and I started to write instead as my private project. Then in 2011 I got my first employment as a full time photographer at the Stockholm city museum. As a museum photographer I'm working with a variety of assignments, both documentation of buildings architecture, portraits for exhibitions and documentary projects for etnological studies. During 2013 me and a college finished a book about homeless people. I have a interesting a stimulating job but something was missing... my own photography!

 And early in June this year I attended a workshop at Fotografiska in Stockholm. The workshop "Finding your vision" was held by Magnum photographer Alex Webb and the poet and photographer Rebecka Norris. I attended this workshop without knowing exactly what it was about. When I read about the workshop I was attracted by the fact that Alex and Rebecka worked together in a photographic partnership and they were interested in the relationship between photography and words.

 I had so much on my mind at that time that I didn´t notice the fact that the workshop was mainly about street photography  So it was really when people started showing their pictures I realized what the workshop was all about. 

 The workshop was an eye opener for me. It was hard and scary for me the first three days. I really couldn't produce any pictures from the streets and I was strolling around in the suburbs wondering what I should take pictures of. But a process inside of me had started. On the fourth day when I was riding the subway home I suddenly realized that I saw people, the shifting of light and shadows in a different way than before. The eyes of the street photographer had sharpened my senses and it was the start of this journey to discover a new world that had been there all the time in front of my eyes.

 So now I am discovering street photography and I am working with shadows, light, reflections, forms and color. I study other street photographers, looking daily at fantastic pictures through Flickr, twitter and other online forums. I discuss photography with my creative partner Lena and I try to walk the streets every day even if its only for five minutes with a camera in my hand.

I try to relearn to take the picture first and think afterwards, searching for the clues to what kind of pictures I finally will be doing. But the best thing is that my awareness of what is happening around me has raised to another level. The world has a more intense color, I see small movements of people, how they hold their hands, interacting with others, the color and shape of a persons hat, someone standing in a beautiful position, a bird flying, or just a feeling and the sense in my stomach that I have to make a picture out of it. 

I see you out on the streets.”